5.-6.1.2013 Turku

Despite of having darts as the main thing of the weekend, one shouldn't totally forget relaxation and entertainments. For me this event seems to be the one for doing funny and bit crazy things, from year to year. After all, this is the biggest darts event in Finland, bringing together more dartsplayers than any other event.

How to avoid getting bored on Saturday evening after the darts when going to the dowstairs bar of the hotel for a cup of coffee? - Use a bathrobe as an evening dress cool And if that's not enough yet then pretend to be a ghost for a while laugh 
Nice relaxed evening and a really quick service in the bar was quaranteed smiley
(the hotel had a spa, so it was not too strange for the personnel to see someone wearing the bathrobe in the bar)


naisten joukkue:

1. Samuli Blues (Lumi Silván/Maret Liiri/Marika Juhola)
2. DC Kontula (Tiia Lavikainen/Kaisu Rekinen/Anu Ampiala)
3.-4. Himnaka DC; Päkki Darts 1

naisten pari:
1. Samuli Blues (Lumi Silván/Maret Liiri/Marika Juhola)
2. Keski-Suomi Darts (Kirsi Viinikainen/Katja Helin/Merja Immonen)
3.-4. Lappeenranta DT (Niemi, Kontunen, Reponen); Päkki Darts 1 (Lindström, Udalaja, Salminen)

naisten singeli
1. Kirsi Viinikainen KSD
2. Olga Reponen LDT
3.-4. Kaisu Rekinen DC Kontula; Maret Liiri Samuli Blues

Ladies overall:
1. Samuli Blues 118 p
2. Keski-Suomi Darts 97 p
3. DC Kontula 64 p
4. Päkki Darts I 61 p
5. Lappeenranta DT 60 p


miesten joukkue:

1. Samuli Blues 1A (Jarkko Komula/Petri Korte/Marko Kantele)
2. Samuli Blues 1B (Antero Rantala/Hannu Kauppinen/Ville Petäjämäki)

3.-4. Päkki Darts 1A: Hertas DT Vantaa 3A

miesten parit:
1. Casablanca A (Jani Haavisto, Teemu Harju)
2. Päkki Darts 3B (Boris Koltsov, Aleksei Gadochnikov)
3.-4. Keski-Suomi Darts 1A (Veijo Viinikka, Jaakko Kiiski); Samuli Blues 1A (Jarkko Komula, Petri Korte)

miesten singeli:
1. Marko Kantele Samuli Blues
2. Kim Viljanen Kartanon TK
3.-4. Paavo Myller, Päkki Darts, Jari Nissinen WJDC

Men, overall:
1. Samuli Blues I 170 p
2. Päkki Darts I 90 p
3. Päkki Darts III 86 p
4. Casablanca 84 p
5. Keski-Suomi Darts I 77 p